Trailer damage re-fabrication!

We see this kind of situation often – when a piece of equipment is constantly in use it’s hard to make the decision to take it off the road for repair. This trailer carried heavy duty equipment and, quite frankly, had been through the wars. It came to us with rust, twisted mud guards and extensive damage. It had had a few accidents and damage, but it still held together. The final hit had it off the road completely and it needed a fast repair to keep the owner’s business running.

Repairs, re-fabrication, anti-corrosion and repaint.

Nathan’s took the trailer apart, well, what was left of it! One side was almost completely missing after the accident, so we took measurements from the remaining side and parts to fabricate a whole new side.

With our guillotines, metal folding equipment and pipe benders and metal saws in our fabrication division we created a brand-new side for the trailer. Then repaired the other side to come up as new. We customised frames and supports for fuel loads and equipment specific to the owner’s business.

The tray was sandblasted and the whole final product was treated with anti-corrosion primer, and then painted in top multiple top coats – to ensure longevity.

Keep your trailer road-worthy.

We always advise owners to keep their trailers in good condition by having any damage repaired quickly and treating with anti-corrosion paint. This investment, done regularly, helps owners get more out of their equipment for longer. But we know that having a your investment off the road is costing you money. Our team is large enough that we can have many hands on a project like this trailer – and get extensive work done in a very short amount of time.


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