Amusement Space Rocket (Ride)

A leading/one of Sydney’s leading amusement hire company’s offering the perfect entertainment for any event. Their fun comes in the form of rides, inflatables, games & more.

However, they can’t be offering the perfect amount of fun, without the perfect equipment & that’s where Nathan’s stepped in to help. An overhaul of their space rocket simulator / ride was required to bring it back up to speed!

Out in the elements is where this piece of equipment lives, hence the correct anti-corrosion and paint finishes needed to be applied to ensure it remains in excellent condition.

From a comprehensive strip back, an anti-corrosive treatment to a complete repaint, this freshen up would be sure to provide fun for many many years ahead.

Protective treatment coatings.

Like any equipment getting worked whether it’s an excavator or a rocket, the process remains mostly the same

A colour consultation is done with the customer, the right colours are chosen and approved from our extensive PPG colour library. In this instance, a crisp clean white was requested (just like the real deal). Colour is then mixed on our computerised mixing system to a very specific formula.

All surfaces are then stripped down completely to expose the metal, any damage and corrosion. Nathan’s take care to disassemble every element and check each part, every thread on every bolt, for quality and usability. If any part does not meet our safety and quality standard it’s replaced.

Nathan’s prepare and prime all surfaces, spray protective coatings and bake at exacting temperatures in our heavy-vehicle sized bake ovens. Then all components are quality checked before the final paint coats are applied in our 22 metre commercial spray booths.

Extending the life-cycle and saving money.

Aussie Amusements gained an as-new shiny space rocket, looking like it came straight from NASA! In this case, the sound of laughter and enjoyment equaled the sound of success! Nathan’s ensured that they would have many good years of service from their investment for what was a relatively small outlay to get what looks like a new machine


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