Nathans Truck and Trailer Smash Repairs aims to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition using the best quality parts and workmanship in one of the industry’s fastest turnaround times. With this in mind, we maintain state-of-the-art facilities and make it a priority to keep abreast of updates and changes to the industry’s technology and techniques. We view Total Quality Management as a continuous process across all business areas and have developed an intrinsic business culture in which all staff work seamlessly to implement new changes and strive for innovation with new tools, equipment and processes.


We have invested heavily in a vast array of technological advances to align ourselves with world best practice, including:

  • Computerised chassis laser point measuring technology
  • Josam, a heavy-duty universal straightening alignment system
  • 3 x super-sized Spray and Bake ovens, to suit the largest heavy vehicles, trailers, motorhomes, horse floats, machines, equipment
  • The most modern MIG, TIG and Inverter spot welders
  • Silicone bronze and inverter welders for repairs of high strength steel, including aluminium and brass welding technology
  • Car-O-Liner EVO II – light truck, 4WD and large van chassis alignment equipment
  • Computer measuring systems catering for the largest trucks, trailers, buses and motorhomes
  • A heavy duty, 5-tonne overhead crane
  • Specialised infra-red drying systems, which can cure paint within minutes
  • Specialised colour matchers which use a unique full-colour library and are supported fully by PPG, the world’s leading companies in refinishing technology


Nathans Truck and Trailer Smash Repairs maintains an on-going passion for continuing education. We work hard to remain at the forefront of our respective specialist fields and provide employees, of at all levels, with extensive support to continue their training. Our internal apprentices and trainees are provided with personal trainers, group training sessions and external specialist training such as painting, welding or manufacturer-specific courses, dependent on their field. All staff attend on and off-site training programs, both in Australia and overseas, to ensure they remain up-to-date with the latest updates in equipment, processes and methods.

Internally, we procure and maintain detailed operating and procedures manuals; schedule demonstrations in equipment, materials and techniques by manufacturer trainers; and encourage staff involvement in ongoing innovation and equipment evaluation and system improvements.


WHS regulations and codes of practice are set out to the standards businesses need to meet for specific hazards and risks, such as noise, machinery operation , chemical safety, and manual handling operations.

As a business committed to the safety of our team, we monitor the health of workers and conditions at the workplace with the view to the prevention of illness and injury. We identify and assess the risks to health and safety in the workplace and make the necessary relevant decisions about the implementation of ways to eliminate or minimise risks.

Nathans comply with WHS standards and continually conduct hazard identification. This is controlled by monthly internal & external audits. Regular extensive WHS training is a continuing practice for ALL staff. We strive to achieve and exceed expectations and legislative requirements.

Having a WHS management system in place, and utilising the online WHS Management program called Sky Trust we ensure compliance and WHS policy’s are in place are documented and all procedure manuals are kept up to date.

Defined roles and responsibilities are identified.

Work is only performed by qualified & licenced tradespeople operating to the Heavy Vehicle Body Repair Industry Standards.

Incident reporting investigations are consistently in operation and with ongoing training as a requirement the result is most satisfactory.

Internal and external audits are regularly performed by quality control staff and external audit by iso accredited certifiers

At Nathans we continue to strive to ensure  compliance  in all areas of safety management, monitoring of WHS Systems and processes and keep up to date in what is relevant to our industry.

 By the utilisation  of the online organisational management system, Sky Trust Intelligence System, we

manage the above quality and compliance side of the business. This drives performance and provides dashboard based situational awareness.




How Skytrust helps our business.

Skytrust is a cloud based integrated management system providing a holistic integrated management approach to an organisation’s compliance and due diligence across all aspects of business. The user-friendly tools assist with risk management, safety, quality, environment, inductions, assets and plant management. Skytrust delivers a real-time dashboard providing trending performance indicators promoting important business decisions to increase efficiency and productivity.


The Skychart Dashboard is a visual, live dashboard of critical business risks and information. Skychart automatically

updates as other parts of the system are updated. It is fully drillable; click on a graph and the system will drill

into greater detail. Various dashboard options are available to ensure so that the dashboard is customised for complete

efficiency. It helps us to performance manage our business through visual indicators and thresholds so that we can base decisions on real-time, accurate information.


Skytrust’s Quality System operates in an environment where ISO 9001 forms the basis of a continual improvement process. Nathan’s tracks opportunities for improvement (also known as OFIs), complaints, product defects, account and delivery issues, and more. We ensure every report is actioned by:

  • Completion and Review Dates – Assign actions to specific people with completion or review dates for each task
  • Escalation – Email notifications to a higher level of responsibility should completion dates not be achieved

ISO 9001 Non-Compliance Management

The ISO 9001 process orientated non-conformance reporting module allows analysis of  nonconformance issues, uploads  photos and documents, produces remedies for management and tracking of the effectiveness of the implemented changes.

ISO Hilights and escalates outstanding non-conformances issues, prioritises non-conformances and creates non-conformance classifications also adding the ability for multiple cause analysis and actions to a single non-conformance.

Within Skytrust’s Quality System  specific inspections are created, observations , audits and schedule are performed regularly if required. Nathan’s include reference to standards, codes of practice, and legislation and therefore observe and calculate compliance levels instantly.

Nathan’s commitment is to ongoing improvement and quality and the sharing of  knowledge with other business and suppliers in our industry.

Through Trade Association and relationships –  the aim is to improving the efficiency and quality of the Heavy Vehicle Body Repair industry .


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