What to do if you’ve been in an accident. There are some things you need to do – both at the scene and afterwards.

Have you been in an accident?, Find out what you need to do first, with our handy info sheet.


Ensure the crash scene is as safe as possible. Be vigilant about the safety of yourself and others, and be aware of vehicles still using the road.

  • Stop immediately

  • Do not approach the vehicles if there are fallen power lines or flammable/dangerous goods involved

  • Use your headlights, indicator lights and/or hazard lights to warn other drivers and to increase visibility

  • Where possible, position other people around the accident to divert traffic away and to warn oncoming drivers

  • Ensure the motors of the vehicles involved are switched off

  • Clear the road of broken glass or debris if it is safe to do so

  • Do not allow smoking at the scene of the accident

  • Stand clear of vehicles and off the roadway. Never stand at the rear or between damaged vehicles.

Call for help

  • Do not move injured persons unless they are in immediate danger

  • Never give accident victims food or drink

  • Dial Triple Zero (000) for police and/or ambulance assistance if:

  • anyone has been killed or injured

  • an involved party has failed to stop and exchange particulars

  • a driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • there are hazards present (e.g. leaking fluids, damage to power poles, etc)

  • In some instances, you may need to dial 112 This number will work even if you are outside of your coverage area or your mobile phone is locked.

  • When making the call, include the following details:

  • The location of the accident

  • Whether people are trapped or injured

  • Whether emergency vehicles will be required at the scene

  • Whether power lines are down or flammable goods are involved

If your car was involved in the accident

If your car was involved in the accident, record the following details before you leave the scene.

  • Other driver(s) involved

  • Sight the other driver’s license

  • Record their license number, name, address and contact numbers

  • The driver may be different to the owner of the vehicle. If this is the case, also record the license number, name, address and contact numbers of the owner of the vehicle.

  • Other vehicle(s) involved

  • Vehicle make and model

  • Registration plate number

  • Their insurance company (even if you are at fault)

  • The accident details

  • Location

  • Time and date

  • Attending Police Officer(s) contact name, number and station

  • Independent witness name and contact details

It is important to remember as much detail as possible about the sequence of events leading up to the accident. Use diagrams or photos to record details that may otherwise be disputed. We recommend taking photographs of the accident scene with the camera on your mobile phone.

Be prepared

All of this information is a lot to remember when emotions are running high at the scene of an accident, but getting it right can be crucial to lodging a successful insurance claim and correctly determining who is at fault.

If you require towing or repairs

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