At Nathans, safety is always our highest priority. We understand that testing of critical components saves lives. We take our responsibilities seriously and we stress that the testing of critical mechanical components on heavy vehicles from 3.5 tonne upwards is necessary for driver and public road safety.

All heavy vehicles that have been involved in an accident, no matter how small – including when a wheel has been hit or hit a kerb – must be tested. The only way to determine the damage and ensure the safety of the vehicle is by a thorough inspection. When the vehicle has been dismantled and crack tested, we often find damage to stub axles, shafts, pitman arms, kingpins, steering box, turn table and jaws.

We strongly encourage all operators of heavy vehicles to insist on crack testing as an absolute necessity to ensure the ongoing safety of their vehicle. Here at Nathans, we will always undertake crack testing, no questions asked.


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