Road Freight Transport in Australia in the current climate.

It is interesting to note that in the current economic conditions rising Freight costs and merchandise trade have boosted revenue.

The Road Freight Transport Industry dominates the Australian non_ bulk market due to its ability to deliver door to door ,and its competitive advantages in price, convenience and reliability.

The Industries largest vehicles transport goods between and across states ,competing with rail, water and air freight industries.

Industry firms typically use light commercial vehicles or the final stage of delivery.

As the industry’s major markets span the entire economy ,demand for road freight transport services is a strong indicator of changes in economic growth . Industry revenue is expected to grow at an annualised  0.07% over the five years through 2018_19 to some $46.8 billion.

Increased freight task and merchandise trade have driven demand for industry services over the period .

What is the Road Freight Transport Industry ?

Industry operators primarily transport freight by road . The industry also includes towing services and road delivery services , excluding of couriers. Use of in house fleet vehicles by mining , retail and construction firms is excluded from the industry.

Industry locations.

Most of the industry’s activity is concentrated on the eastern seaboard, reflecting the concentration of major markets, population and freight infrastructure in these areas. New South Wales ,Victoria and Queensland are expected to account for over 80% of industry enterprise s ,combined, in the current year. These states are home to the largest general cargo ports in Australia that handle large volumes.

Industry Threats and Opportunities.

  • Demand for road freight transport services is a leading measure of economic growth
  • The industry benefits from its position as a necessary stage in many supply chains
  • Consolidation trends are projected to continue with many smaller operators POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT merging.


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