Repairing a twisted crossbeam – commercial trailer

A relatively small job like a crossbeam repair can sometimes be overlooked, but getting it done right can save time and money down the track. This trailer came to us with needs for fabrication after an accident.

Working on the crossbeam.

In the accident, the trailer suffered considerable damage to the crossbeam. This caused twisting and splitting which required total removal, repair and fabrication of a new crossbeam.

twisted crossbeam trailer

The crossbeam can be seen fabricated, aligned and welded in place to strict tolerances.

trailer PPG paint stage

After heavy sanding and anti corrosion primers, the section has received multiple coats of PPG paint. Once removed from the spray booth it’s subject to infra-red drying, which gives it a hardened and durable finish.

trailer refit and electrical 800px

A technician marks out and refits the various lights and plates after replacement electrical wiring has been completed.

TEH trailer final with signwriting

Nathan’s finish the work by applying the signwriting, wash the vehicle and quality check all work and components. Only once this has been meticulously completed is the vehicle ready to go back to the owner. All this with a record-short turnaround time!

Getting back on the road.

A twisted  crossbeam may seem inconsequential initially, but it can severely impact the safety and durability of the vehicle. If left alone the damage and corrosion would mean extra time off the road, which costs the owner more in downtime. Nathan’s are proud of the systems we’ve created to make sure your vehicle is back on the road, fully and quality repaired, faster than any other repair centre.


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