Preparation for an amazing piece of art – on a tanker!

The owners of this amazing tanker asked if we were interested in being part of their showpiece project, a two trailer tanker to be completely refurbished and repainted in preparation for Indigenous artwork to be applied – of course we said yes! The tanker was to travel to mining locations across Australia displaying this amazing artwork. Therefor the initial preparation had to be meticulous in every detail – to ensure the longevity of the artwork, while being exposed to some pretty harsh outback and mining conditions.

Nathan’s task was to completely refurbish the tankers – leaving them a polished gleaming silver, with an unbelievable metallic gold chassis – a project like no other!

Meticulous work.

Of course we had our expert team of technicians dismantle all parts prior to painting. All parts and chassis were prepared. The vehicle in this case was nearly new – so there was no prior damage to repair. Sanding and coating with protective anti-corrosion primer to extend the life of the vehicle. Then the colour coats were applied in our 22m spray booths, onsite here in Mulgrave in Sydney’s North West. The booths are specially designed for large trailers and heavy vehicles.

We choose to use PPG paints and in this case it was a high gloss silver on both tanks. We think you’ll agree, they came up with a superb shining mirror-like finish. The metallic gold that was applied to the chassis surprises everyone who sees it, and was certainly something we can look back on as a pretty special project.

The booths are temperature controlled – both for environmental reasons, the temperature is set to correctly filter out harmful chemicals without releasing them into the atmosphere, and also to ensure that the exact baking temperature can be reached to give the finish maximum longevity.

At completion of the paintwork the vehicle and tanks were meticulously reassembled onsite at Nathan’s in our state of the art workshop, with new chrome mud guards and mud flaps.

An ideal show piece to celebrate and promote indigenous partnership.

The turnaround time was befitting a project of this size and purpose. It was not a ‘fast’ turnaround, at 10 days, but it was treated as a work of art project by Fulton Hogan, rather than a fast turnaround.

We received photos (as shown) of the beautiful silver tanks, painted as intended to showcase indigenous art from the region where it would be housed and in daily use.

An amazing result from the beginning with the client, to the final product in the top end.


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