This bus sustained extensive damage to the front. On dismantling at was found to have considerable corrosion problems, which would require sanding, repair and application of anit-corrosion treatment to avoid further rust and safety problems.

The Nathan’s team went into action, fully evaluating the cost & practicability of repairing the bus.

Cutting away damaged & corroded sections, the painstaking fabrication & re-build began.

A new side panel has been made.

A trial fit is taking place.

Dismantling of the suspension began & all components will be subject to testing for wear & cracks.

The front panel is constructed of a composite material & a large section was torn off in the accident & was missing.

The missing section was reconstructed, having taken measurements & templates from the opposite side.

Here you see the first of many trial fits to get the repair just right.

Having worked the front panel to great accuracy, the painter (tradesman/ master technician) applies the first coats of the undercoat.

Checking the front panel for imperfections prior to final fit & colour coats.

It fits!

Final colour coats completed.

After meticulous preparation, a perfect finish is produced, ensuring durability, protection & long lasting gloss.

After application & baking in the temperature controlled oven, paint work is complete.

Our expert sign writer starts the process & completes.

The vehicle then proceeds to the washing & detail area.

Cleaned, detailed, with the final road test complete, the bus is ready for delivery.

Another successful outcome.


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