Corroding equipment gets a refurbishment for local Council

Local councils have so many different vehicles in their fleets to keep our communities going, ranging from garbage compactors to buses, to plant and equipment, mowers, sweepers, and more. After years of being in service, wear and tear is inevitable. Along with this, comes rust and corrosion.

This particular council, in Sydney’s West, had just that issue on this Suction Pump. The vehicle and equipment was still operational and in good working order, but it needed a some care and protective treatment to extend its duration in service. Without this kind of maintenance the vehicle becomes unusable, and the money spent replacing it could be better used for something else. In this particular case, constantly carrying liquids, rust and corrosion can be seen under the rear body. Over time, if not treated, this would only worsen.

Because we specialise in rust proofing, anti-corrosive treatments and sandblasting for heavy vehicles and plant equipment, Nathans were only too happy to help!

Protective treatment coating for a suction pump.

To carry out the specialist protective coating treatment we use PPG products to a very specific measurement. Before we begin, the first stage is to make the vehicle ready for priming.

First the rear body is removed to expose all areas and to ensure thorough treatment can be applied to all affected areas. Then:

  • Rust removal including sand blasting are done in our purpose-built facility in Sydney’s outer west.
  • Applied surface protection to the rear body frame and thoroughly check for any inconsistencies. If found, we ensure that those areas are sanded back and treated again. Without this critical step the protection will be incomplete and won’t give the result of extending the life of the vehicle.
  • Refinish and apply coats of spray paint in our 22m truck and trailer sized spray booths. Again we check for any blemishes and address as needed to ensure a complete finish. We colour match using PPG technology, so the final colour is aligned with the brand, or really, whatever colour the customer desires!
  • Reassembly of the machine is done last. Our technicians have already checked every bolt, every panel, every part – but for safety and longevity this is checked again.
  • Lastly we are able to present the finished vehicle to our customer.

Extending the life-cycle and saving money.

Applying anti-corrosion (rust treatment, protective spray coating – these are all the same thing, essentially to remove and keep rust away) is a sensible investment to make when purchasing a vehicle or plant equipment. It may seem counter-intuitive to buy a new vehicle and have it resprayed, but the investment at the beginning will increase the life of the vehicle and minimise downtime. In this case we were faced with an already heavily used suction pump, which we were able to give new life to, and greatly extend the period of it’s usefulness – which inevitably saves money,


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