The fleet needed all vehicles to go from white to blue – and have parts replaced fast!

This fleet of Pantecs had to go from white to the new blue brand colour. This is a common side-effect of a brand change, and with a nationwide fleet a network of reliable suppliers were sought, so of course Nathan’s were among them.

Most of these trucks had been on the road for years and needed parts replacement. Nathans did many of these, utilising their large professional team.

The Pantecs were painted in an ultra hi-gloss protective finish – using PPG commercial paints.

Couriers don’t have time to waste, so everything needed to be done to perfection, and fast!

Protective treatment coatings, replacement parts and custom fabrication, and spray painting.

  • Nathan’s have specialist heavy vehicle paint ovens for large coverage
  • Parts replacement is done via our inhouse ordering and management of production – so that parts are ordered and arrive on time to be fitted. We ensure that times are kept to a minimum with careful organisation before the job is underway.
  • Repairs to body of trailer (Pantec) included those from general scrapes – forklifts, dents, and wear and tear. There was some deterioration on the back bumper bar – protective coating was applied and welding and straightening were done. As part of the service we replaced rubber seals on doors for comfort and safety

Extending the life-cycle of the truck fleet and saving money.

The turnaround needs to be fast for a courier service – this was done and delivered in five days! And just look at the amazing result.

We weren’t the only company working on these, because of the large fleet there were hundreds of suppliers but, if you’re a fleet manager, you can be assured that even if you’ve taken some of your fleet elsewhere, we can supply a superior finish, service and repair.


For all your truck and trailer repairs, respray and signage – talk to Nathan’s.