Paint – Fleet standards

Consistency of paint materials is a major factor for fleets. Some companies will buy their own paint and supply to us. It’s important to use a repairer who is able to provide that consistency and ensure the job is done to exacting standards…

Paint Stories

  • New paint finishes/types
  • Why are they better?
  • Why do you use them?
  • Who makes them?


Nathans offer substantial advantages to commercial transport fleets and operators at a local level, whether they run a single vehicle or a large national fleet. Nathans purpose, values and commitment to the Commercial Transport and Heavy Vehicle industry is encapsulated within the following Mission Statement and Value Proposition:


Nathans deliver services to our Customers in the Commercial Vehicle market focused upon Quality, On Time Delivery, Integrity and Value for Money.

This is achieved by the innovative use of best products and practices, shared between and provided by, an accredited national network of independently owned and qualified repairers and refinishers supported by the technical expertise of PPG paint.

Nathans conduct ourselves professionally and recognizes our responsibilities to the well-being of the Environment, our Customers, Employees and the Communities in which we do business.


Nathans provide commercial vehicle fleet operators guaranteed and quality refinishing and repair services to an agreed specification that are consistent and focused upon getting vehicles into service so that their brand starts working for them sooner.

We are committed to delivering a range of services to customers in the commercial vehicle sector. We specialise in the painting, repair, re-livery (branding change) and refurbishment of heavy vehicles, ranging from trucks, vans and buses, to trailers and other large commercial and industrial vehicles.

Our commitment to use best practice procedures, best technology equipment and products (including PPG paint) to ensure customers can rely on a consistently high standard of service and quality workmanship and complete workmanship warranty on our work and are quality certified to ISO standards (ISO 9001:2015).

Our supplier, PPG provides comprehensive product warranties for those products used by accredited Fleetpool members thereby ensuring your investment is fully protected by warranties that guarantee the quality of both the workmanship and products used within a PPG defined repair and painting process.

At all times the focus is on Quality, On Time Delivery, Integrity, Value for Money and Reduced Vehicle Downtime to drive business outcomes that: –

  • Protects your brand and company image
  • Provides consistency of service and finish throughout Australia
  • Produces work programs that you can rely upon to plan vehicle activities, including maintenance
  • Understand the importance of minimising vehicle downtime
  • Create real value by producing work of the highest standards that is completed on time and warranted to withstand the test of time and rigors of commercial use, thereby protecting your vehicle investments

At Nathans and all Fleetpool Members, the words Quality, On-Time Delivery, Integrity, Value for Money and Reduce Vehicle Downtime are more that just “feel good” terms. They are embedded into the business culture of Fleetpool as business foundation stones and importantly, each foundation stone supports well defined business programs, processes that drive work practices, training, accountability, environmental compliance and workplace health and safety within an overall context of continuous improvement. They are words to define the outcomes of our actions in delivering superior levels customer service and the business values under which we operate.

PPG Industries is recognised as the world’s No 1 producer of transportation coatings and a leader in developing leading-edge automotive coatings technologies. As a result, PPG has established strong supplier/partner relationships with virtually every truck manufacturer in the world, including Daimler Chrysler, Volvo, Iveco and Kenworth Paccar. Mack, Western Star, MAN, Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubish etc


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