Many heavy vehicles involved in accidents experience serious mechanical damage all though much is not always evident on visual inspection.

The above in many cases requires extensive and time consuming dismantling ,inspection and crack testing procedures.

When a Heavy Vehicle is dismantled it is made immobile ,a situation then arises were the workshop is waiting for inspection and approval of the extra work by an owner or insurance assessor ,in many cases the Heavy Vehicle is stuck in the workshop taking up valuable and required space.

Nathans solved the problem by installing large hangers in the yard space where an immobile vehicle can be safely stored and not taking up valuable workspace.

These Hangers are post mounted and have a clear span curved over a modular steel frame, the frame is covered with a waterproof fabric membrane that ensures the vehicle and components have perfect protection from the weather, also the hanger is engineered to withstand gale force wind conditions of up to 300 km /hr.

When the extra work is approved the vehicle can be made mobile and then moved into the main workshops for specialist services and repairs.

The above is a very cost effective way to extend our workshop without the need for expensive additions and taking up space.

A win for all concerned as we are able to provide a better service.


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