This coach sustained considerable damage to the entire side requiring a full side replacement.

The internal frame had to be repaired requiring several sections to be replaced.

The composite replacement panel was carefully ,measured, marked out, cut to size & pre-fitted.

When all was correct, adhesives were applied & the whole side stretched & clamped into position.

The side panel is seen fixed, in position & the adhesive drying cycle is completed.

This photo shows the side panel fixed, some preparation completed to check for imperfections & the new doors to the luggage compartments, which were made in house, being trail fitted.

The Bus & the fabricated panels have been prepared & painted to full gloss.

All doors are now being fitted & correct fit ensured.

After a full wash & detail, a final quality check is carried out& all systems are rechecked, a road test is done & the bus is ready for delivery.


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