Mack cab reconstruction!

This Mack had been in a serious rollover accident. The cab was badly damaged and no new cab could be sourced because of current supply issues at the manufacturer – this could’ve meant the truck (and the owners livelihood) would be out of action and off the road for months. This was unacceptable. There was also extensive damage to mechanical components with many requiring replacement and testing. So Nathan’s got to work, evaluated the whole project, made a repair plan and discussed it with the owner’s insurance company, to ensure this truck was back on the road as quickly as possible.

Cabin dismantle and re-manufacture

The cab was fully dismantled and it was decided with the owner and insurance company that we would commence with the recommended repair plan and re-manufacture rather than wait for the supplier. Removing all damaged parts and panels meant that we could straighten, align and measure every piece individually and repair where possible.

The firewall and floor were repaired to original condition. All parts and panels were then fitted and clamped to ensure everything was aligned prior to spot welding.

Our technicians replaced damaged panels with new, where available. And, while spot welding, constantly checked tolerances and alignment of new and repaired parts.

The chassis and all mechanical components and parts were extensively checked and tested – damaged parts were replaced with new. Nathan’s always replace mechanical parts with new rather than repairing for ultimate safety. The chassis was found to be out of alignment and needed extensive rectification and testing. Nathan’s use only the world’s best Josam aligning and straightening equipment to perform this work.

We never short-cut on safety.

When a vehicle of this size rolls over (or is involved in an accident) the stresses on the chassis and components are obviously great. It is paramount that repairers check hairline fractures, weaknesses and damage. Nathan’s meticulously check every part, every component, for weakness – and all mechanical parts are replaced with new parts – and chassis repairs are made to the highest tolerances. We ensure that the vehicle leaving our workshop is safe and reliable.


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