Bringing a Kenworth back to life!

The owner of this spectacular vehicle wanted to breathe some life back into it – and return it to an impressive, good as new truck! It was well worth doing, after considering the price of replacement, to spend a fraction of that on a professional refurbishment. The mechanics were sound and had been maintained regularly, but the body was dull and lifeless. Nathan’s were up to the task and achieved amazing results.

Refurb, love and attention.

The Kenworth needed a pre-project clean – the whole vehicle was pressure washed and extensively dismantled. Cab, tanks, stack, aerials, mirrors, air cleaners, lights, bulbar, name plates, wheels, bonnet…. the lot! Each part was cleaned and prepared – ready for the next stage.

We meticulously checked over all the components, checking for imperfections, dents, cracks and anything that needed repair. The fibreglass was checked for any damage and repaired where necessary. We checked the brackets, nuts and bolts to see that they were suitable to be reused, even down to checking the thread on each bolt. The wiring was checked to ensure that there was no previous damage that could become a problem later. Every part of the vehicle, the condition was reasonably good, but many items needed some kind of repair.

All parts that needed prime coats and anti-corrosion treatment were sanded and prepared. The vehicle was fully masked and solvent washed. The initial primer coats were applied in our temperature controlled spray booths, and then baked at high temperature to ensure proper curing for long life.

Then the truck was moved out of the spray booth and the team sanded the entire vehicle again, all the parts and components – which were all thoroughly checked for any imperfections – and solvent washed. Any imperfections are attended to at this time – this is the last time it will be checked before the final coats are applied, so it had to be meticulous. It was air cleaned in the spray booth and anti-static equipment stopped any dirt and dust landing on the newly cleaned, primed and sanded vehicle.

PPG two-pack enamel paint was mixed to an accurate formula (which in this case was selected by the owner, but can be the original colour formula) and then the colour coats were applied by a team of two senior tradesmen using pressurised De Vilbiss pressure pot spray units.

On completion of the paint application the booth is put into a bake cycle, this cured the paint for hardness and long lasting durable finish.

After a thorough quality inspection, the Kenworth was now ready for reassembly which included the newly painted blue tanks, chrome mudguards, thorough systems check and road worthiness test. The vehicle was then washed and presented to the owner in perfect condition.

An impressive result for an impressive vehicle.

This Kenworth was a project of love for its owner and for us at Nathan’s it was another great project which involved a large part of our team. At Nathan’s we get much satisfaction and pride out of re-engineering a unit to as new condition.


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