Nathans was contracted to apply a specialist paint finish to a beautiful custom-built horse float. We admired the attention to detail on the unique vehicle – no part had been overlooked, from the fit of the body panels to the perfect, ripple-free finish and sealing. We were proud to have been selected to produce the paint finish to match the immaculate body.

The owner chose a brilliant silver coarse metallic, and the two pack acrylic enamel was supplied by PPG, the world leader in quality automotive finishes. PPG are major suppliers to the motor manufacturing industry and the specialist paint refinish markets.

After careful evaluation of the project, Nathans calculated the materials required, number of technicians needed for maximum efficiency and time to be allocated to the project. Once these elements had been determined, we selected the best, most highly skilled supervisor and team to undertake the allocated tasks.

The whole vehicle was acid washed to remove any contamination, rewashed, and methodically sanded in preparation for the primer coats. Due to the size of the vehicle, we erected extensive scaffolding and prepared scissor hoists to ensure works would be undertaken safely. Using this equipment also ensured our technicians had the best access for correct paint application.

The horse float was moved into the oversized spray booths and bake ovens, which are specifically designed to cater for vehicles of this size. Once positioned, the large task of pre-paint masking was performed.

The whole vehicle was solvent washed, dried and checked for dust contamination. After the float was inspected and approved for the next stage, our highly skilled commercial spray painters donned their protective suits and air-fed masks to begin application of the paint primer.

At the time required, the paint was supplied prepared for use in large, pressurised containers. Each 20 litre container required refilling for a large project such as this.

The project was well underway, but there was much work still to be done.

In the next stage, the horse float was unmasked, taken from the booth and moved to a preparation area, where the technicians commenced sanding the vehicle. This is the most critical task and needed to be completed immaculately, as any overlooked imperfections would mar the final result. Careful preparation is everything in the paint process.

Once sanded, the horse float was moved back to the spray booth along with the scaffold and scissor lifts, where the vehicle was re-masked and washed. After a final quality check, the final paint process was ready to go!

A huge amount of time and skill goes into a job such as this. The finished job is visually stunning and an example of the great care and pride that goes into our projects. The bonus was one very happy customer!


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