The pictured Isuzu Armoured Vehicle had extensive damage and corrosion when it was brought to Nathans for repair. Armoured vehicles are very expensive to manufacture and, if it is economically viable, Nathans works with our clients to establish if the project is worth proceeding with. After much deliberation, our client agreed that this project was worth undertaking.

For this rebuild, we initially removed all exterior fittings and glass. Then the paint and old filler was removed using abrasive blasting techniques. We applied multiple layers of anti-corrosion protective coatings in temperature-controlled spray and bake booths, and the paint was baked at 60 Celsius for 60 minutes.

The team then undertook further inspections to discover the full extent of the corrosion. After the extent of the damage was established, they began the massive job of cutting away the affected sections and exposing any internal structural damage. It was discovered that there was major structural damage. Our expert, highly trained personnel then removed the affected sections and began the complex task of re-manufacturing and replacing the sections and welding them in place.

After the huge task of replacing and rebuilding the structure was completed, the time-consuming job of paint preparation was begun. To keep the project moving as quickly as possible, Nathans appointed multiple technicians to undertake the work.

As shown in these pictures, our team applied a unique primer filler which allowed the tradesman to sand it down to a perfect, inclusion-free surface and remove any imperfections and ripples.

When finished, the vehicle was perfect and as good as new. Our expert team ensured this expensive investment will provide our client with many more productive years in service.


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