An Inflammable Liquid Tanker was brought to Nathans after it had been taken off the road after an inspection. They key questions was to fix it, or not to fix it! The customer was unsure if the vehicle was at the end of its life and required scrapping, or if this valuable specialist vehicle could be refurbished and given a new lease of life.

They came to us and our professional, specialist team leapt into action, inspecting the vehicle and preparing a full report that detailed the damaged sections, what could be repaired and what may have to be replaced. The comprehensive report also explained what items had to be removed to allow access, what procedures would be used to remove and treat the badly corroded areas and, of course, what paint work would be done.

Our prognosis was the unit could be successfully refurbished, but the key driver for the client now was the cost. We provided our quotation and the client was very pleased to accept, approving Nathans to undertake the work. We also provided the client with an accelerated timeframe, as we understood the financial pressure of having the tanker off the road.

The tanker was subsequently decontaminated and delivered to Nathans to begin the refurbishment work, which began the very next day.

Works included dismantling, sandblasting, repairs, corrosion treatment, paint preparation, application of two-tone paint, vehicle reassembly and, finally, delivery!


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