Here at Nathan’s Smash Repairs, we receive many queries about how we approach repairing extensively damaged heavy vehicles. Understandably, our customers have a number of concerns, including how we begin the repair process, and if the vehicle will be as good as it was before the accident.

We understand our customers’ concerns about to whom to entrust their repairs. Firstly, it is important to ensure that the vehicle is taken to a company with an approved Heavy Vehicle Repair Facility. The repairer must also have the required specialist equipment and tradespeople qualified and trained in heavy vehicle repairs.

While these basic requirements may seem obvious, many shops designed for car repairs are not equipped to take on heavy vehicle repairs, yet still continue to do so. This can be highly dangerous as the aligning and straightening processes is vital when repairing heavy vehicles, and this cannot be safely and correctly undertaken on equipment designed for light vehicles. Other critical works in heavy vehicle repair that require specialist knowledge and equipment include heating and welding procedures, and dismantling and crack testing of the many critical mechanical components, such as steering box, pitman arm, stub axles, kingpins, suspension, turn table and jaws.

Nathans is fully equipped, qualified and accredited to take on even the most complex heavy vehicle repairs. Even more importantly, as shown in the pictures here, we have the experience to deliver the highest quality outcomes for our customers. These images demonstrate the sheer size of the vehicle components, and the size of the equipment required to move them. The images also illustrate the complexity of the wiring and hydraulic lines and system. We also show our experts checking and aligning the cabin being prior to removal for chassis repair and alignment.

Highlighting our expertise, these images show the perfectly repaired chassis sections, and our technicians carefully checking and diagnosing critical components, leaving nothing to chance.

We hope this explanation alleviates some of your concerns about the repair of your heavy vehicle, and that the explanation of the some of the complexities of the process provides you with assurance that Nathans is perfectly positioned to undertake repairs of your vehicle to the highest standard.

We would welcome your enquiry, please feel free to visit our facility and we would be pleased to show you our facilities.

All work performed at Nathans Heavy Vehicle Smash Repair facility comes with a Written Guarantee.


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