Nathans was called on by Hanlon Cranes to give a new life for a valuable asset. We undertook a thorough inspection of a heavy duty mobile crane that had suffered extensive damage and had areas of extreme corrosion. Our expert and meticulous estimator established that the vehicle could be successfully repaired, rebuilt and returned to service.

Our expert team prepared a thorough programme which we submitted to the company. It was accepted and the complex task of repairing and rebuilding the crane commenced.

Stage one of the repairs required extensive and intricate dismantling of critical components, including many electrical and hydraulic control lines and the badly damaged control cabin. We also removed many components to allow access to the badly corroded body sections, which required removal, fabrication and replacement.

The control cabin was extensively damaged and large areas of the body showed massive corrosion. Once the repairs to the control cabin were completed, the it was prepared for painting.

Our expert team completed the painting work in controlled conditions with top quality paint materials supplied by PPG Commercial Paint Finish. This paint was the most durable product available and will provide heavy duty, long term protection to the crane.

Once the paint work was completed and cured, our expert technicians meticulously reassembled the large mobile unit. The finished, repaired crane was returned to Hanlon, where it was put back to work, providing income for our client for many years to come.


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