Lifting the look and safety of the fleet!

This client has one of Australia’s largest fleets of cranes, travel towers, elevated work platforms, cherry pickers, and access equipment, to help solve any lifting challenges in any industry.

As well as ensuring their staff and customers are safe, Boom Logistics also maintain an impeccable safety regime for their plant and lifting equipment. When their cranes or other plant equipment required attention Nathan’s are only too happy to help.

During the lifecycle of a crane its affected by many environmental and industrial scenarios such as differences in temperature, usage location, acid in soils, and more. These factors promote oxidisation and rust in the vehicle – but importantly in the parts of the equipment, such as the boom, that can be the most hazardous if compromised, and cause the highest loss in income if they’re not functional.

Boom Logistics has enlisted Nathan’s many times to provide anti-corrosive protection and paintwork, when vehicles require repair and maintenance – and when purchasing new and pre-owned cranes.

Protective treatment coatings.

A vehicle treated for corrosion is also going to be repainted – so a good time to think of anti-corrosion treatment is when respraying for fleet branding or when the vehicle has been damaged in some way. Nathan’s use PPG paint systems for the highest quality finish.

During the process the vehicle is stripped down completely to expose all surfaces. Preparation and rust removal including sand blasting are done in the purpose-built facility.

crane rust removal

The vehicle is treated and primed in our 22m commercial sized spray booth. This is the final preparation before the fleet brand colour green is applied.

crane treated and primed

Colour matching of the Boom Logistics green is derived from our extensive digital library of brand colours and then mixed on our computerised colour mixing system to the correct formula.

crane colour matched and painted

Extending the life-cycle and saving money.

The initial outlay of new plant or equipment can be costly and any business will expect many good years of service from their investment. Adding rust protection to extend the life of the vehicle simply makes good financial sense.

Boom Logistics recognise the benefit of keeping their cranes in top condition and extending the duration of the service. And when it comes to safety, the importance of anti-corrosion treatments can’t be over-emphasised. The initial outlay in investment, at the time of respraying a vehicle, is worth every cent.


For all your plant and equipment repairs, respray and signage – talk to Nathan’s.